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Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetic

The Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetic is an expert scientific journal of the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The journal provides the latest findings on skin diseases for the dermatologists, dermatologist assistants and students of other related fields.


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Dermalab and Microbial Control Laboratory

The Evaluation Lab for Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Hygienic Products was opened at the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy in February 2010. This center, for the first time in Iran, has introduced a diagnosis section for skin parameters and its services include …


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Professor Dowlati Award

According to the enactment by the research council of the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy in 2014, and together with the commemoration ceremony of professor Yahya Dowlati for 50 years of educational, research and social activities, it was determined to give an award, named “Professor Yahya Dowlati Award”, to the best dermatology

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Hair and Nail Unit

The Hair and Nail Unit is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of complicated diseases of hair and nail. A broad range of diseases, including rare diseases related to hair and nail, are investigated in this section.

Nail diseases have wide range, including nail infections, benign and malignant nail tumors, nail inflammatory diseases and various kinds of congenital disorders. Different changes

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Janus Pharma is a knowledge-based company active in the production of pharmaceutical preparations. To fulfill its aim, an expert group of university researchers have gathered to not only proudly present their products in the internal market but also lay the ground for their export.




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The Technology Incubator Center

The Technology Incubator Center is basically a place for technology cores and newly established Knowledge-based companies and for realizing product-oriented ideas. In this center, technology cores are assessed and then given permit to have activity. They can use the facilities and potential of the university and the center to enter into the society and the market.

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