On 13 November 2019, the Seminar was held at Tehran Olympic Hotel with presence of Dr. Alireza Firouz, head of the the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy, Dr. Robabeh Abedini, head of Razi hospital, Dr. Kamran Balighi, scientific secretary, Dr. Ibrahim Eskandari, executive secretary of the congress, boarding members of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and dermatologists from all over the country.

At the beginning, the seminar’s scientific secretary, Dr. Balighi, welcomed professors and members of the executive board of the congress and said: it’s an honor to announce the start of the first joint seminar held by the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy and Razi Hospital Annual Skin Congress. The aim of holding this joint seminar is mainly to avoid wasting time and increase the seminar’s efficiency as well as to save resources and facilities. We hope that it is a good start for joint activities in the field of dermatology. The seminar is a good combination of evidence-based medicine and applied medical sciences in the field of dermatology and we hope that it will have good output for the participants.

He added: 27 expert panels are going to be held. The lectures are in the form of panels focusing on one medical or surgical issue to avoid distractible speech and in case someone needs to know about a special topic, s/he can refer to the discussion of the same panel. There are about 12 workshops held by our colleagues and professors from abroad to have a professional exchange between Iran and other countries. We hope that by warm presence of the colleagues we can build constructive and effective experience and make a good memory for the physicians. We also hope that our colleagues’ efforts in holding this joint seminar can be effective in promoting dermatological science in the country.

It should be explained that panel on infectious diseases, acne, laser, hair diseases, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune blistering diseases, HIFU and surgery, applied anatomy, dermoscopy, psoriasis, pigmentary disorders, arteries, sweat glands, filler injection, panel on hair transplantation and panel on advanced skin surgery are topics of the panels in this three-day joint congress. Moreover, dermatopathology workshops, workshops on various methods of filler injection and using thread as well as laser workshops are going to be held in this seminar, too.

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