The Clinic for Skin and Hair Diseases


Skin aِnd Hair Diseases Clinic, with 300 m2 space, is located on the ground floor aِnd includes the following sections:

Two examination rooms

Operating room

Laser section

In this clinic, skin aِnd hair patients are admitted aِnd for getting admission, you can call the clinic from Saturday to Wednesday.

The services provide in Hair aِnd Skin Diseases Clinic include:

Patients examination

Taking treatment measures like: biopsy, cortisone injection, cryotherapy (freezing for removing warts), removing nevus, removing cyst, nevus surgery ….

Performing different laser procedures, including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, scar treatment, removing tattoo aِnd removing spots.

Injecting botulinum toxin (Botox) aِnd various fillers for rejuvenation.

Telephone: +98 21 88972220 (Internal 205)

Hair and Nail Clinic

The Hair aِnd Nail Clinic is specialized in diagnosis aِnd treatment of complicated diseases of hair aِnd nail. A broad range of diseases, including rare diseases related to hair aِnd nail, are investigated in this section.

Nail diseases have wide range, including nail infections, benign aِnd malignant nail tumors, nail inflammatory diseases aِnd various kinds of congenital disorders. Different changes in nail can be a symptom of an underlying disorder requires to be considered aِnd investigated.

Hair diseases include different types of hair loss, disorder in hair growth, various kinds of disorders in hair shaft aِnd some of the inflammatory aِnd infectious diseases which can affect hair skin. This center, using various kinds of diagnostic methods, including nail sonography, hair aِnd nail dermoscopy, assessing by fotofinder aِnd biopsy, helps to diagnose the disease aِnd determine the proper treatment. Dr. Azin Ayatollahi, dermatologist aِnd board member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is in charge of Hair aِnd Nail Unit.

Telephone: +98 21 88972220 (Internal 205)

Wound Clinic

In many cases, wound as a skin disorder, which requires special attention, is considered as an effect of other underlying diseases. Diabetic foot ulcer, stasis lower-leg ulcer, burn wound aِnd bedsore are among the common types of wound.

In many cases, wound formation or proliferation aِnd non-healing wounds is due to neglecting hygiene aِnd primary care, the cases which, if the patient is aware of, can prevent from wound formation. Succeeding in wound healing, to a great extent, depends on the patients’ readiness to be trained, their performance aِnd cooperation, prompt referring to the related specialist aِnd paying attention to the type of wound aِnd the related wound care dressing. Fortunately, the developments in production of specialized dressings for various levels aِnd stages of wounds have facilitated wound healing. The Center for Research aِnd Training in Skin Diseases aِnd Leprosy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, as a university center, has established a wound clinic to, besides training aِnd healing of patients, identified new methods of wound healing using staِndard research methods. In this way, the processes of preventing wounds, facilitating wound healing aِnd rehabilitating disabling wounds are improved.

For every patient referring to the clinic, after taking his/her history aِnd examination, debridement aِnd necessary dressing is performed according to the wound type aِnd its stage. Then, related trainings for wound care aِnd dressing at home is provided for the patients aِnd, at regular intervals, the process of wound healing is followed up.

The clinic is ready for treating patients suffered from diabetic ulcer, venous ulcer, ulcers after surgery, ulcers caused by burning aِnd other similar cases by booking an appointment in advance.

Telephone: +98 21 88972220 (Internal 205)

Specialized Clinic for Diagnosis and Treatment of Leishmaniasis

Considering the endemic nature of leishmaniosis in most part of the country aِnd due to the fact that this disorder is one of the problems of patients, physicians aِnd health officials, the Center has established a specialized clinic to diagnose aِnd treat leishmaniasis of patients from around the country aِnd the region.

Leishmaniasis treatment is through:

  • Diagnose aِnd identify the type of agent caused disease using molecular aِnd traditional methods
  • Healing by cryotherapy
  • Healing by heat therapy
  • Intralesional injection 
  • Using nano medications during research stage

Telephone: +98 21 88972220 (Internal 103)

Leprosy Clinic

Azadegan Treatment Center, in Fadaian-e Islam Avenue, is for patients suffered from leprosy. The center focuses on the diagnosis aِnd treatment of patients suffered from leprosy. All diagnostic aِnd healing processes of the patients is under the supervision of the Center for Research aِnd Training in Skin Diseases aِnd Leprosy.

Telephone: +98 21 36650109