Hair and Nail Unit

Unit Chair: Dr. Ayatollahi

The Hair and Nail Unit is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of complicated diseases of hair and nail. A broad range of diseases, including rare diseases related to hair and nail, are investigated in this section.

Nail diseases have wide range, including nail infections, benign aِnd malignant nail tumors, nail inflammatory diseases aِnd various kinds of congenital disorders. Different changes in nail can be a symptom of an underlying disorder requires to be considered aِnd investigated.

Hair diseases include different types of hair loss, disorder in hair growth, various kinds of disorders in hair shaft aِnd some of the inflammatory aِnd infectious diseases which can affect hair skin. This center, using various kinds of diagnostic methods, including nail sonography, hair aِnd nail dermoscopy, assessing by fotofinder aِnd biopsy, helps to diagnose the disease aِnd determine the proper treatment. Dr. Azin Ayatollahi, dermatologist aِnd board member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is in charge of Hair aِnd Nail Unit.

Educational Materials

Nail – Part One

One of the important parts of finger responsible for a wide range of motor aِnd sensory functions is nail. Nail consists of different components, including nail bed, nail matrix (a part important for nail formation), cuticle (protective layer of the nail), aِnd nail plate (a part which is visible aِnd attached to the nail bed below it).