Unit Chair: Dr. Nassiri Kashani


The reason to establish present unit in the Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy is skin diseases and the direct relationship between immunology and some of the skin diseases.

Immunodermatology examines the skin as an immune organ in health and disease. In this field, various issues should be considered, including inflammatory diseases (such as allergic contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis), photoimmunology (the effect of UV on the skin defense), hidradenitis suppurativa …

Skin diseases like vitiligo, alopeci areata and psoriasis, and immunology of microbial skin diseases like retrovirus infections, also require special attention due to their burden in the society.

New developing treatments for common immunologic skin diseases, including biologic products to neutralize TNF-alfa and inhibitors of chemical receptors, are examined in this unit, too.

Immunodermatology tests are essential for proper diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, which are having an impact on the epithelial tissue, including skin, mucous membrane, digestive system, respiratory system. To a limited extent, the tests, performed on blood and tissues, are carrying out in the laboratory of the center.

Patch test, one of the in vivo tests which, from years ago, have been performed in this center to diagnose allergens causing contact dermatitis, with the registry of crtsdlptr.com, is among the activities of this center for the discovery of common haptens causing contact dermatitis. The test is currently performed using European Standard Baseline Series of allergens.