The library of the Center for Research aِnd Training in Skin Diseases aِnd Leprosy, with 50 m2 space, locates at the first floor. It is designed based on the direct access of researchers to resources (open system) aِnd provides the following facilities for professors, residents aِnd other interested people in the science of dermatology aِnd cosmetics aِnd hygiene: study room, manual aِnd computer-based searching of resources, access to the internet (wired aِnd wireless), printer, scanner aِnd photocopy.

The library has 536 volumes of Latin books with 490 titles, 207 volumes of Persian books with 151 titles, aِnd 50 CDs containing specialized ebooks. The Latin books are bought from the book fairs or directly from the international publications aِnd the Persian books are bought based on the suggestion of the Center’s professors or the need of students.

Moreover, English aِnd Persian specialized scientific publications aِnd general publications of the country have been provided for the researchers. It is also possible to search scientific databases like Wiley, Scopus, Elsevier… through the connection link with the central library of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The Rules for Book Lending aِnd Using Resources

The clients from other centers can refer to this library by presenting a valid identity card, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on all days. It should be mentioned that they can use the resources only in the library.

It is not permitted to make a photocopy of the library resources.

Reference books, single edition book, dissertations aِnd journals are nِot lent.

Residents aِnd PhD students of the Center for Research aِnd Training in Skin Diseases aِnd Leprosy can borrow 3 books at the same time for a period of 15 days. You can extend the lending period on the return day while you’re bringing the book with yourself. It should be noted that extending the lending period depends on the librarian’s decision aِnd it is possible that your request will not be accepted due to too much use of a special resource in specific period of time.

In case a book is damaged or lost, the same book should be bought aِnd given to the library, aِnd if the book is not found, another book should be replaced based on the opinion of the Center Research Council.


Ms. Aghaei

Telephone: +9821 88963804