Unit Chair: Dr. Nasrolahi

To treat diseases by medications, there are two ways: discovering new medication molecules aِnd increasing the efficacy of existing molecules. Discovering new molecules requires a great deal of time aِnd expense, aِnd eventually, the final compounds may be put aside from treatment process due to their adverse reactions. Modern medication forms, like nanoparticles, can be a new way for treatment. Reducing the size aِnd enhancing the surface of nanoparticles improve the permeability aِnd, as a result, targeted drug delivery of existing molecules. In 2014, the Nanodermatology Unit was established in the Center for Research aِnd Training in Skin Diseases aِnd Leprosy with the aim of focusing more on the new drug delivery systems. At present, three main members aِnd two visiting members are working on different research articles aِnd projects on the new drug delivery through skin. The unit focuses on designing lipid nanoparticles, including nanoemulsion (NE), solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) aِnd nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC), aِnd also on using liposome aِnd niosome systems for skin drug delivery. There are different researches carrying out in the Nanodermatology Unit on the issues of leishmaniasis, hair loss, wound healing, vitiligo, acne…. The strength of this unit is that, in addition to the designing of formulation, the safety aِnd efficacy clinical assessment of the mentioned new systems is also performed which is definitely exclusive in the country.