Unit Chair: Dr. Khamesipour

Tropical Diseases

This section deals with diseases such as leprosy aِnd cutaneous leishmaniosis.


Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. The disease which mostly affects skin aِnd nervous system, has various clinical types. It has now been almost eliminated in countries around the world, including Iran, aِnd there are few reports of the new cases of leprosy each year. In 2017, only 29 new cases of leprosy were reported in the country. Early diagnosis aِnd treatment of the disease help to decrease its prevalence aِnd prevent the effects aِnd disabilities caused by the disease. With coordination of Ministry of Health section for infectious diseases, the CRTSDL Center tries to help in diagnosis aِnd treatment of leprosy.

Cutaneous Leishmaniosis

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Iran is an endemic region for cutaneous leishmaniosis. Leishmania parasite is spread in human by the bite of phlebotomine saِnd fly aِnd can cause skin ulcer. In the CRTSDL Center, there is a specialized clinic for diagnosis aِnd treatment of cutaneous leishmaniosis. Diagnostic tests such as smear aِnd PCR are taken in this center. Various clinical aِnd lab studies aِnd research plans on leishmaniosis were aِnd are being carried out. Ampholeish topical drug is one of the research achievements in this center which can be helpful in treating leishmaniosis especially in children.