Hair and skin diseases are among the most common reasons for those who refer to clinics and private offices. Because in most of these diseases in addition to the fundamental nature of the disease, patients also suffer from visual changes. In the case of hair and skin diseases, efficacy of therapy is usually evaluated through qualitative assessment such as physician judgment, patient satisfaction, and a comparative study of before and after the treatmentphotos. Standardization of qualitative assessment is tough and the assessment methods are not justifiable in scientific research.


Fortunately, novel technologies have enabled dermatologists, health centers and skin products manufacturing factories to quantitatively assess most parameters of hair and skin. Accordingly, aiming at providing standard services for related industries, research centers, dermatologists and patients, the Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Hygienic Skin Products Clinical Evaluation Unit (DermaLab) was established in February 2010 in Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy (CRTSDL). CRTSDL is the first in thecountry to launch the center for diagnosis of skin parameters. DermaLab activities are as follows:


  • Early detection of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer

FotoFinder is a medical imaging systems for the early detection of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer as well as hair disorders diagnostics and psoriasis assessment.The most versatile programs: dermatoscopy, total body mapping, trichology

Dermatoscopy:the complete system for practices and clinic. It supports dermatologists in rapid skin cancer screening and in the long-term video documentation and the analysis of moles, in fluorescence diagnostics, in hair consultations and in the follow-up documentation of all skin, hair and nail diseases.

Offers– particularly in problematic cases –more certainty in the early detection of malignant melanomas.
- Analysis of melanocytic nevi using pattern recognition algorithms
-Reliably high values for sensitivity and specificity
-Impressive visualization of structural changes
-Parallel analysis of two lesions to quantify changes



The only system with fully integrated Bodyscan. The expert system automatically compares the current full body photos with those from the last examination and helps you to identify skin changes.

-          Expert system for identifying changes in the skin

-          Automatic comparison of two overview images from the total body mapping procedure

-          Coloured marking of new and changed lesions



The new program makes it possible to document and quantify diffuse hair loss digitally with previously unimaginable accuracy. All the fundamental parameters of hair growth and hair loss are calculated automatically.

-          Calculates the number of hairs, hair density, anagen-telogen rate, number and density of vellus and terminal hairs

-          Special pro version for determining hair thickness (optional)

-          Determination of follicular units – important for assessing success in hair transplants

  • Design and implementation of joint research projects between universities and industry
  • Clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and hygienic skin products
  • Courses and workshops in cosmetics, and skin biometrology



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