Why is Biometrology applied in non-invasive skin research in “DermaLab"?

- The results obtained are objective rather than subjective.
- Assessments carried out are quantitative and can be referred to in scientific research. Unlike qualitative assessments, quantitative assessments are not difficult to standardize.
- The size and number of natural components of skin in different parts of the body can be assessed.Using such assessments identification of normal, subtle and substantial changes in tissues is provided.
- Evaluation of a new medicament requires quick and precise assessment of its efficacy and safety:This is only possible through quantification of skin changes.
- In other specialty fields such as endocrinology, immunology, etc. skin is an easily accessible effector organ which can be easily examined and assessed non- invasively.
- In cosmetology, the efficacy criteria may be hard to observe because they might be subtle enough to make them visually unattainable. Here, these measurements would be very helpful in determining those effects

How can “DerrmaLab " help dermatologists improve diagnostic and therapeutic care?

- Examining how the skin will be affected by various exogenous influences
- Diagnosis and monitoring hair and skin diseases and dermatological conditions
- Evaluating the response to therapeutic interventions
- Evaluating the safety and efficacy of topical preparations

How can “DerrmaLab " help skin products manufacturing / import companies?

- Consultation and assistance in modifying the formulation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nanoparticles
- Assessment of safety of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and nanoparticles
- Assessment of efficacy of topical and systemic dermatological products quantitatively and qualitatively


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